Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a simple way of transforming your smile.

Not only does it improve the overall appearance of your teeth, but it can bring back a youthful bright smile.

At Green Oakham Dental Care we would initially assess the health of your teeth and ask you a few lifestyle questions. We will discuss the different whitening treatments available to see which will suit you best to give you that amazing radiant smile you are after. We offer two advanced whitening options at the practice – Boutique Whitening and Enlighten Evolution, your dentist will help you to decide which option would best suit your individual needs.

We make all our whitening kits custom to your mouth, thus giving you the best results. We can take traditional impressions or even use our 3D scanner to help create these models.

Once your custom trays have been created we would see you for a second visit where we would fit your whitening trays and demonstrate how to use the kit at home. After a few weeks of whitening at home we would invite you in for a review to check how you are getting on and assess how well your teeth have whitened. We will provide you with a safe amount of whitening gels to allow you to get to your desired shade.

It is important to always see your dental professional for any whitening treatments as they will be able to prescribe safely and effectively.

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